Wellesley College

System Stats

COMMISSION DATE Tue, September 28, 2010
PANELS 48 Evergreen 210's
INVERTER Fronius 10kw Plus

Lifetime Production

CO2 AVOIDED (unknown) lbs

Real-Time Production

This is a real-time look at your system's electricity production as measured in watts. This needle only moves during daylight hours!

Real-Time Meter Status

This is a real-time look at your electric net meter. When your system produces more than you are consuming, it spins backward, banking electricity with the utility!

Lifetime Environmental Savings

The equivalent CO2 emissions avoided by riding your bike 000 miles instead of driving your car.

The equivalent CO2 emissions avoided from 000 cylinders of propane used for home barbeques.

The equivalent of the carbon sequestered annually by 0.00 acres of pine or fir forests.

The equivalent CO2 emissions avoided from consuming 000 barrels of oil.

The equivalent greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 000 pounds of waste instead of sending it to the landfill.

Environmental equivalencies based on standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, through their Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Wellesley College

has generated 1kWh
of electricity since installation

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